Good news! I was notified this morning that the recall proponents notified our city clerk that the “signature gathering effort has been terminated.” I am so grateful for the truly amazing support from my council colleagues, friends, neighbors and associates. It is now time to get back to the important business of the city. Throughout this effort, Council members Larry Kramer, John Taylor and myself have tried to remain focused on the work of the city and the job that you elected us to do.

I am truly blessed to be reminded again, how many friends that I have that are willing to stand beside me for the good of the entire city.

Thank you so much for your support.

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Sam Allevato

A very small group of residents recently filed a recall against me because they don’t agree with the way I vote!

The election process is an important part of democracy, which includes the right to recall an elected official if that elected official breaks the law or exhibits unethical behavior. Disagreeing with an official’s votes is NOT a justifiable reason for recall—that is what elections are for. I was reelected in November 2012 to a four year term. It was a very vigorous campaign—they lost and I won.

I proudly stand behind EACH AND EVERY VOTE that I’ve cast during my nine years as a city councilmember. I voted YES to keep our city financially solvent by supporting balanced budgets, pension reform, lower staffing costs, and strategic business planning. I voted YES to promote economic vitality, resulting in a 12.8% increase in sales tax revenue last year. I voted YES on strategies that protect our open space, keep our city safe, and manage traffic more effectively.

I also voted YES to protect our future water resources. We need to control water rates, reduce our dependence on imported water, and support our Groundwater Recovery Plant (GWRP) to ensure an independent source of water for the city—free of continued rate increases from the Metropolitan Water District.

The anti-everything group says that we should close the GWRP. If the GRWP were closed down as our opponents have suggested, the City of San Juan Capistrano would still be responsible for paying the monthly payment—just like the mortgage on your house if it burned down—so it doesn’t make any sense to close the GWRP and renege on our payments. We would be in DEFAULT and the holders of the bonds would sue and probably win in court. This could very well force our city into bankruptcy (read more in the Water, Water issue paper).

The people who have filed this recall are using the water issue to divide us, suggesting that my vote alone has increased our water rates.

I will not be bullied and will continue to vote in the best interests of the city that I have lived in for 37 years.

Please honor the election process and REJECT this frivolous recall attempt.

Please distribute our fact vs. fiction document, with information about the recall and the issues, to your friends and neighbors.